What is an Email Alias?

The email alias is the additional address for your email account. The postal alias completes your email address. An alias is additional variants of your email address. With one e-mail account, you can have multiple e-mail addresses and one mailbox.

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An e-mail box or an e-mail box is a place on the e-mail server where e-mails are stored. The e-mail account has a unique name, i.e. the address of the e-mail account, e.g. john.kowalski@firmajana.pl. The e-mail address is also the login for the e-mail account, you give the e-mail address a password separately. With these two information, you can log in, e.g. to the home.pl Post office and then receive correspondence sent to the above address.

With an email alias, you have an additional email address for your mailbox. An email alias is created on the same server as the email inbox using the functions assigned to it. The main e-mail address is jan.kowalski@firmajana.pl and you have created such an e-mail on the server. An alias created for it, an additional address will be, e.g. contact@firmajana.pl.

Many aliases or many e-mail boxes

You can also apply the above scheme by creating two separate e-mail boxes with separate login details. However, this requires support for both email boxes. At this time, the alias, although functioning as a secondary email address, points to the same email as the primary email address. E-mail messages sent to the e-mail address or its alias will be placed in the inbox of the same e-mail account.

IMPORTANT! The email alias is not an email account. It has no login, password or separate space on the server. An email alias is only an extension of an existing email inbox, its address, with additional email addresses. Creating an e-mail alias is conditioned by having an e-mail box with separate space on the server.
IMPORTANT! The email alias is not an email redirection, which could significantly affect the security of data flow, message headers, etc. A popular email alias is an additional address that works FOR and within a specific email box with a specific login, password and space. mail server.

Postal alias in the service of email conversations

E-mail aliases are one of the basic functionalities of an e-mail account. They can improve the company’s operation. Use email aliases to create additional addresses for your email inbox, e.g. for the purposes of recruitment, conducting competitions or dividing correspondence according to own criteria. Remember that all messages received from each address will go to one email inbox.

After creating email aliases, you can take advantage of additional options, such as creating message rules and email folders in your account. You can also set up new redirects, e.g. by delegating mail to specific employees, without having to give them access to your email account.

In this way, you will automate the process of email segregation by moving emails to the correct folders. Separate the request for quotation sent to the main email address from the correspondence regarding purchases from the warehouse. Set up mail forwarding for company recruitment directly to your HR email address. Give users of the website the opportunity to choose the address they want to contact to increase the company’s credibility and show that the message will be delivered to the appropriate departments of the company.

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