What is malware?

Malware – malicious software – this software is a big threat to your devices and the data on them. Malware is any type of program that is designed to damage or steal data. Malware can also introduce „chaos” on the device on which it will be installed, even by blocking it and restricting access to computer resources.

Malware is viruses, Trojans, spyware, ransomware and adware. It spreads via the Internet, usually in the form of hidden software. It may be in other, even popular applications, as an e-mail attachment, link or hidden script on a website.

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Malware is usually created for commercial purposes. This software can be sold to other users, also on the Dark Web. You can also earn malware by creating software that forces payments, e.g. displaying ads or imposing computer locks.

One example of malware is e.g. ransomware. Ransomware is malware that blocks your computer and files, then threatens to delete your data or transfer it to the police. In most cases, the solution to the problem is paying the ransom, but this gives no guarantee of success.

Malware, due to its operating range, can also be a powerful tool for controlling users and penetrating the organization. It can be a great tool for testing security, but also a weapon that can be used even by national governments.

The presence of malware on your computer can usually be determined by:

  • slow device operation,
  • appearing content that should not be visible in a given place,
  • no access to the computer, e.g. due to its lock,
  • handling a significant amount of spam on email accounts, especially those served by email programs,
  • sending unauthorized advertisement email.

Protection against malware does not have to be complicated. Protection must maintain continuity and eliminate the occurrence of times when contagion may occur. The home.pl offer includes a number of services that will help you protect your data against unauthorized access, as well as protect against the installation of malware. The home.pl offer also provides security for mobile devices, e.g. anti-virus software for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

While protecting devices, it is crucial to effectively recognize the threat, block its spread or the installation itself and react in a timely manner. Database updates containing threat lists are also important. Here, the Internet plays a very important role, as it provides access to fast, automatic updates of your anti-malware software.

Protect yourself with anti-malware software

There is no better way to recognize, remove or prevent malware than to use antivirus software. Check out the wide range of software that protects and optimizes the operation of your computer. Do not wait, add the service to your account at home.pl today or use the help of our specialists to choose the best product suited to your needs.

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