How do you block SPAM using Webmail settings?

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How do you block SPAM using Webmail settings?

  1. Go to: and log in to your e-mail inbox.
  2. Go to the profile menu and then select Settings.
    Webmail - Profile - Select Settings
  3. Go to the section: Antispam options.
    Webmail - Profile - Settings - Go to the section Antispam options
  4. In the screen that appears, you can change the anti-spam settings for the selected email box. Read more about SPAM.
    Webmail - Profile - Settings - Antispam options - Change the anti-spam settings for the selected email box
  5. Available options:
    • Accept e-mail from external redirection – all e-mails redirected to your e-mail in will be delivered to the inbox – regardless of the address from which the redirection is carried out.
    • Block technical information and news from the operator – it allows blocking the sending of e-mails that are delivered by to your e-mail (for example: news, promotions, technical notifications, information about updates).
    • White list of senders – senders from the list will not be verified by the anti-spam filter at They will be trusted senders of e-mail. White list rules have a higher priority than blacklist rules.
    • Black list of senders – e-mails from senders from the list will not be delivered to your e-mail in E-mail messages blocked by blacklisted rules are not saved in the user’s email box. The sender of an e-mail message blocked by a blacklist will receive a notification (Mailer-Deamon) that it has not been delivered.
    • – block e-mails from addresses that are known to send spam. Anti-spam FiItry at use proven solutions to protect against unwanted correspondence.
    • Block emails containing spam in the topic and content – analysis of the subject and content of the message in terms of the occurrence of phrases and words characteristic of spam, and checking the domain of the sender. Occurring in a spam-specific list automatically classifies a shipment as unsolicited. Remember that e-mails are rejected when there are several spam-specific elements.

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