How to forward a received email?

In a separate article, we described how to set up automatic forwarding of emails to another email address. This process takes place automatically without the participation of the owner of the e-mail account. Mail forwarding configured in this way allows you to quickly forward email to a new recipient. This is especially useful when you are away or when you want copies of e-mails received to be sent to multiple recipients.

When you use email, you can reply to a message. A reply will be sent to the sender. You can also reply to all message recipients: sender and users added in CC mode.

If you want, instead of replying to an email, you can use forwarding. Forwarding sends the message in the form in which you received it. You must specify a new e-mail recipient to send a message to.

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How to forward a received email?

  1. Go to: and log in to your e-mail inbox.
  2. You can reply to emails by selecting them in the message list, e.g. by using the checkbox type. If you decide to open an email, use the reply buttons directly in the email window.
    How to replay an e-mail?
  3. You can use the buttons:
    • Replay – reply to the sender of the message (the sender of the message is always one),
    • Replay-all – reply to everyone (the reply will be sent to the sender of the message and e-mail addresses indicated as an additional recipient of the message, CC),
    • Forward – this function is not used to reply but to forward messages to the new recipient. Email addresses are deleted, you must enter a new recipient.
      How to replay an e-mail?
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