How do I send a new e-mail?

If you want to send a new e-mail using Webmail or an e-mail program, activate your e-mail account. Activating the account will launch the mailbox and ensure its uninterrupted operation. Read more on how to activate your e-mail account.

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How do I send a new message?

  1. Go to: and log in to your e-mail inbox.
  2. Click on Compose (Utwórz e-mail).
    How to compose new mail message?
  3. Enter e-mail addresses in the appropriate boxes: TO, CC and BCC . Read more how to use CC and BCC in email.
  4. Enter the title of the message in the subject field (Temat).
  5. Enter the message content. Use the function buttons to give it a unique look. Click Send (Wyślij) to send the message. Click Save (Zapisz) to save a working copy. The working copy is saved automatically. Click Decline (Odrzuć) to abandon the message editing.
    Create new e-mail
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