How do I turn on the autoresponder – automatic answers?

The autoresponder allows you to run an automatic reply to an email sent to your e-mail in This is especially useful when you can not give a quick answer at the moment (eg when you are on vacation). An autoresponder is also used as a notification system for the delivery of messages, for example to the e-mail address of your company’s office.

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How do I turn on the autoresponder in the Webmail?

  1. Go to: and log in to your e-mail inbox.
  2. Go to the profile menu and then select Settings.
    Webmail - Profile - Select Settings
  3. Go to Account options.
    Webmail - Profile - Settings - Go to Account options
  4. Complete the information in the Auto-reply section. Set:
    • date and time of starting the autoresponder,
    • date and time of ending the autoresponder,
    • the content of the message which will be sent to the sender when he receives the message from him.
  5. After setting the necessary options, select Turn on auto-replay to enable automatic responses.You can omit the start date, end date or both settings. The autoresponder will run continuously until it is disabled in the Account settings.
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