How to transfer a domain name from your current registrar to

Domain transfer is the transfer of a domain from the current to the new operator (e.g. If you want to have all services in one place (e.g. hosting and domains), then performing a domain transfer allows you to transfer domains to one operator.

You can request domain transfer to via:

  • our main page in the menu section: Domeny > Transfer / Domains > Transfer.
  • after logging in to the Customer Panel to your account. The option to initiate a transfer from the Customer Panel is only available for selected domains.

Domain transfers can be a paid service. In most cases, the fee will extend the domain’s validity for an additional year. Payment is not lost. Check how much a domain transfer costs. Look at the dedicated website, Transfer column.

What is domain transfer to

Transfer of a domain to means transfer of domain service to and is equivalent to:

  • transfer of billing service to (payment of invoices for extension at,
  • the possibility of independent configuration of domain records in the Customer Panel.

What are the benefits of domain transfer?

By transferring domain support to you gain:

  • extension of the validity of the transferred global or European domain for a year!
  • unique technical support 24h / 365 days,
  • professional customer service.

How to transfer a domain name from your current registrar

To start domain transfers, you must have the AuthInfo code, which you can get for free from your current domain operator (from which you want to transfer the domain).

  1. To start a domain transfer, go to our main page: and select from the menu: Domeny > Transfer domeny / Domains -> Domain transfer.
    Transfer domeny do - krok 1
  2. In the field provided, enter the domain name (e.g. that you want to transfer to and click the button: Transferuj / Transfer. At this point, our system will check the entered Internet address, whether it is possible to transfer it (it may take a few seconds).
    Wpisz domenę do transferu do
  3. On the next screen next to the selected domain, click the button: Transferuj / Transfer.
    Transferfuj domenę do
  4. In the Wprowadź kod autoryzacyjny (Authinfo) / Enter authorization code field, enter the authorization code for the transfer that you have obtained from the current domain operator.

    Wpisz authinfo dla domeny, którą chcesz przenieść do

  5. The screen will display information that the domain you are looking for is taken. If you are the owner, you can transfer it to To do this, click the button: Idź do kasy / Go to checkout.
    Jeśli jesteś właścicielem domeny, możesz ją przenieść do
  6. The next screen will show an order for PLN 0 (domain transfer to is free). Click the button: Przechodzę do koszyka / Go to the cart. The value of the basket may change depending on the type of domain.
    Transfer domeny do - przejdź do koszyka
  7. The customer identification form will be displayed. After successfully registering a new account or logging in to an existing account at, you will be taken to the order verification screen.
    Transfer domeny - Formularz - Transferuj
    • If you do not have any service yet, select the tab: Firma or Osoba fizyczna / Company or a Private Person and complete the registration of a new account in
    • If you already have an account / service at, select the tab: I already have an account and enter the login and password to access the existing account at  Check how to log in to the Control Panel.
    IMPORTANT! The information about the owner of the customer account must be the same as the information of the domain owner.
  8. The order verification form will appear on the screen.
    Potwierdź realizacje transferu domeny do
  9. At this point, the domain transfer will start. To complete it, you must click the confirmation link that you will receive in the email sent after the transfer has started.

    Zakończenie transferu domeny

    IMPORTANT! An e-mail with a link confirming the transfer is sent to the e-mail address that was provided as the contact address of the current domain operator (from which the domain is transferred to
  10. A message with a link confirming the transfer is sent from the address: and looks something like the following. Click the link in this message to confirm the domain transfer to After clicking the link, the domain transfer will be carried out.
    Kliknij lin potwierdzający transfer domeny do
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