What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website name.

A domain, for example: www.yourdomain.com is a unique internet address, under which the services, for example: websites, e-mail, FTP server, are available on the Internet. The domain name is unique and uses it to refer to a specific resource on the Internet. The domain name translates the hard-to-remember IP address, indicating the location of the server and its contents, such as webpages, for a friendly and easy-to-remember name.

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For example, the domain name „wwwmybestwebpages.com” points to the IP address „”. Generally, it’s easier to remember a name rather than a long string of numbers.

For example, you can use the domain  to:

  • launching a website, giving it a unique address, for example: www.mybestwebsite.com
  • launching additional websites using subdomains, for example: www.blog.mybestwebsite.com
  • creating unique addresses of e-mail boxes operating in your domain, for example: john@mybestwebstie.com
  • redirecting the domain address to other websites or social profiles, e.g. Facebook.

In non-technical language, we can compare the domain address to the address of residence. The domain is the same as the street name and house number. It accurately indicates the location of a specific place. It is a unique address for each user.

What is a server or hosting? These are buildings on the street. Places where certain resources are located – our data. The domain and server interact with each other. Without the address, we are not able to find the data or it is difficult. The address itself, without resources, without data, goes to nowhere.


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