What is web hosting?

Internet hosting is your place on the Internet where you store website files, documents and e-mail.

What is web hosting?

Hosting means sharing server resources, its space, on the Internet in order to allow access to its content to others. The term hosting defines a space that is always available on the Internet, constitutes a separate server space, enables online sharing of specific resources, e.g. web space, files, e-mail.

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Hosting is defined as both the server activity of providing the user with a specific space with the help of which his resources (those who want them to be available to others) are hosted, i.e. made available on the Internet. Hosting is also a service that is a product, e.g. Internet hosting from the home.pl offer, i.e. a specific part of the server designed for configuration and control by one user. A user with a hosting service can control what is visible on the Internet and what remains its private resource, available on the network but invisible to other users.

What is a server?

The server is a computer that is constantly connected to the Internet and has specific performance parameters, space, system and security parameters. The server administrator has full control over what is happening on the service, who and how it uses it. The server administrator allocates space for each user on it, hereinafter referred to as hosting. It can share this space between web hosting, i.e. typically dedicated to support websites, files, as well as mail hosting, i.e. space dedicated to support e-mail. The server administrator also determines how and with what tools users will have access to these resources.

Benefits of hosting and server services at home.pl

Any properly configured computer permanently connected to the Internet can be a server. Remember, however, that by choosing the server at home.pl you gain:

  • the highest quality, stable server,
  • server configuration to protect against online threats,
  • monitoring of the server’s operation 24 hours a day, allowing to prevent failures,
  • security of your data placed on the server,
  • server technical support provided by top class professionals 24 hours a day,
  • server permanently connected to the Internet (in the event of a failure of the ISP connection, the server is automatically switched to another independent Internet connection).

By choosing a server at home.pl you save, because:

  • you do not have to bear the cost of purchasing the equipment,
  • you do not incur costs for electricity needed for servers operation,
  • you don’t have to pay for a permanent internet connection,
  • you do not incur the costs of hiring a server administrator.
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