What is Catch-all?

Catch-All is a mail server feature that allows you to collect all email messages sent to non-existent email addresses in your domain. Catch-all is referred to as the mail server function and Catch-all account. The function and catch-all account intercepts e-mail messages from other addresses than those created on the server, visible in the Customer Panel.

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Using the catch-all function of the server and domain allows you to receive all e-mails sent, e.g. to incorrectly entered e-mail addresses. This function will work correctly if the email address entered, exactly the domain address (what after the @ sign) will match your domain address.

How does the Catch-all function work?

The mail server receives emails sent to email addresses created in your domain. If the address exists, an email inbox or its alias is created, then the message is placed in the inbox of that account.

If the server does not have an email address, the message cannot be delivered. The sender of the message will receive a notification of non-delivery. Run Catch-all so that this type of mail is redirected to a dedicated e-mail account on which to read the e-mail.

Catch-all for non-existent email addresses

The condition of the correct operation of the catch-all function is a possible error of the entered e-mail address occurred only in the characters entered before the @ sign. Not after him. This is due to the domain configuration, which is strictly assigned to one mail server. Based on the identification of the domain mail server, the message is delivered to the correct server, then placed in the correct e-mail inbox.

Problems with the catch-all function

This solution, the account / catch-all function has one problem in operation. By receiving emails from non-existent email accounts, it can generate the receipt of more SPAM. This is due to the fact that „spam generators”, servers sending advertising messages, use not only the bases of existing e-mail accounts. They also generate these addresses automatically. Many companies do not decide to create today, e.g. the main contact box in the address contact @ or office @ and immediately gives the address to the employee, department or creates their own phrases, e.g. WriteToUs@.

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