How to look up domain information?

How do you check who owns the domain?

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Based on the law on personal data protection, as well as on the basis of internal regulations of registers, their country of operation, information on the domain owner may be public, secret or only partially hidden. By means of a service, such as privacy protection, they can also be exchanged for the data of the entity providing such a service.

The primary source of information about a non-owned domain subscriber is the so-called WHOIS database. WHOIS operates on the basis of the publicly available TCP protocol to send requests to DNS databases in order to verify information about the domain owner, eg IP address, DNS servers, expiration dates, activities and contact details (if available). The above information about domains is not secret information. Their availability results from of the functionality they offer and on the basis of which they perform their function in the Internet.

Domestic domain .PL

If you would like to check the .pl domain information, e.g.,,, etc., including regional and functional domains, please visit, go to the WHOIS section.

Enter the domain name, without the WWW prefix, and then confirm the reCAPTCHA security.

DNS - WHOIS - Podaj nazwę domeny - Przykładowe wyniki poszukiwań dla domeny

If the domain is privately registered, the subscriber’s data will be completely hidden. Before the entry into force of the RODO (PL) regulations, a natural person could independently determine whether the data in the WHOIS database will be visible or not. Currently, these data are always hidden, without the possibility of disclosing them.

The global domain, e.g. .COM

The most popular website that allows checking data on global domains is Just visit the website, enter the domain name (without the WWW prefix) and get the information about the domain you are looking for. Service compared to allows you to check every domain available on the Internet.

Serwis - Podaj nazwę domeny - Przykładowe wyniki wyszukiwania dla wpisanej domeny

The website is popular and convenient because it works quickly, its address is easy to remember and does not require additional verification, even in the form of reCAPTCHA. It allows you to check the domain very quickly.

The database when asked about a regional domain, eg „” will only return information that the domain is already occupied. The query will be limited to checking the very domain of „”.

In the case of the European domain, it will display basic information about the domain itself, but for more information, it will refer you to the database

After entering the following question in the Google search engine: whois, we will find a number of similar websites. Some of them display the information above and more, e.g. about the server itself, IP address and site activity on the network. For example, one of the websites using the WHOIS database is able to indicate that on the server to which the searched domain is connected, there are also 9 other websites.

Wyszukiwarka Google - Whois Record for - Domain Profil - Sprawdź informację dotyczących serwera, adresu IP oraz aktywności serwisu w sieci

European domain .EU

The service is responsible for providing information from the DNS database for European domains. It is here that you should start looking for information about the domain owner or its basic configuration and activity.

EURid - WHOIS search - Wpisz nazwę domeny i kliknij przycisk Search

The website provides basic information about the domain owner and a very limited amount of information about the domain itself. Limited but sufficient to find out who the domain belongs to. The WHOIS database provides the e-mail address indicated for contact. Regardless of whether the domain has been registered for a natural person or company.

How can I check if the domain is free to register?

The easiest way to check whether you can register a domain, become its owner, is to go to and use our search engine. This modern solution was created by our specialists.

The free domain registration search engine allows you to choose from hundreds of domain extensions available for registration. If the selected domain or ending domain is not available for registration, the search engine will suggest you related domains or other extensions.

Some domains are visible as unavailable for registration but they are also not active on the Internet. Such domains may be quarantined, depending on the registry that manages them. For this reason, even if the domain is not available, it is worth checking in WHOIS database what is actually happening to it.

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