How to set up FTP client?

FTP means File Transfer Protocol. If you use a DFTP connection, it means that you use the method of uploading files: downloading, uploading to the server and managing files already placed on the server. For an FTP connection, you can use an FTP client, a program available in the Control Panel, any FTP application installed on your computer and a mobile device, as well as a Windows explorer.

When you have a server, you can place files on them using an FTP connection. You will need FTP access data for this. You can get FTP access using:

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How to set up FTP client: FileZilla

FileZilla FTP client is one of the most popular FTP applications. After starting the program, you can immediately enter the data necessary to connect to FTP. Enter:

  • Host address, or the address of your server. Read more about server address.
  • Username or login to the FTP server. Here you can enter the main access data or the name of one of the users.
  • Password is the password to access the FTP account
  • set default to port 21.

Click Quickconnect to start use FTP.

Do not know where to download all the above information about your FTP account? Use a dedicated article in the Help Center. Read, where can I find login and password to access FTP?


FileZilla FTP Client how to connect?


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