Where can I find backup of my website?

At home.pl, you always have access to your data backup: web page files, SQL database and e-mail. Selected services offer data backup available from SSH and / or FTP. If you need to restore your e-mail backup, contact us. 24h/7/365 technical support. We are talking in English.

If you have the Business Hosting , WordPress Hosting, Managed Hosting or PrestaShop Hosting, you can find a backup copy of the files and SQL databases directly on the FTP server and/or SSH.

Secure mail? Fast website? Always online? Check our offer: servers, domains, SSL certificates, antivirus software or Office 365. Any questions? 24h/7/365 technical support. We are talking in English.

Where can I find backup of my website?

    1. Log in to the home.pl Control PanelCheck how to log in to the Control Panel.
    2. Go to the section: Usługi WWW (WWW services), which is located on the left side of the screen.Customer Panel - Go to the section WWW services
    3. Click the name of the server that you want to connect to via WebFTP.
    4. In the FTP Account (Konta FTP) module, click Options> WebFTP (Opcje > WebFTP)Customer Panel - WWW services - Server - FTP Account - Options - Choose WebFTP
    5. Go to the /backup directory.
    6. The catalog includes access to a backup copy of FTP server files, databases and server logs. The backup stores the server status from the last three days or the last available backup for deleted files.

You can also access the /backup directory using SSH (selected hosting services) and FTP client configuration.  Read more about how to get FTP access data for an FTP client.

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