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At, you can buy domains, web hosting, open an online store, and start subscribing to popular applications and systems. We offer services such as: office package, data backup from computer and telephone, website positioning and SEO analysis.

In our offer you will also find anti-virus programs for Windows and Mac as well as for mobile devices. The antivirus programs available in the offer can be purchased by obtaining a license key that will allow you to use the program for a year. Before the end of validity, in addition to messages in the anti-virus application itself, you will receive a notification from us. In the email notification you will find information about the ending license period of the antivirus program.

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Many programs that are available as a paid subscription also have their free versions. They do not have all the functions of a paid subscription to an antivirus program, but they work in the protection area, which is key to protecting data on your computer or phone.

Paid subscriptions to antivirus programs usually provide additional protection:

  • advanced privacy protection including protection of search engines, including protection of browsing history and saved access passwords, protection of a webcam connected to a computer,
  • advanced protection against real-time viruses including protection against cyber criminals and network attacks, control of dangerous applications and detection of behavior typical of malicious programs
  • online banking protection, allowing you to impose an additional layer of protection when using online stores and carrying out banking operations,
  • additional anti-theft services, e.g. device locator, device operation tracking, remote phone or computer lock,
  • additional services, e.g. strong password generator, password manager, child protection.

What antivirus program for android? offers paid anti-virus programs available for the Android operating system:

Each of the anti-virus programs for Android has a high level of device protection, useful functions extending the possibilities of the software and high performance in working with Android and in the broadly understood anti-virus protection. In the effectiveness tests, developed by independent services, e.g. AV TEST, PC MAG, each of the applications occupies a high position in the rankings, among dozens of available programs.

Free antivirus programs for your Android device

Each of the above programs is also available in a free version. The license allows you to run the antivirus program on your Android device, enable Android antivirus protection. These programs work to the extent necessary to provide protection for the device against Internet threats, various types of viruses and attacks popular on Android. They do not have advanced protection functions, e.g. anti-theft protection, verification of installed applications.

After installing the application and launching it, you will be able to use the free software license or purchase a paid subscription. If you are interested in purchasing the paid version of the program, purchasing a license and obtaining a license key for the antivirus program, take advantage of the offer dedicated to clients:


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