Creating and sending HTML email

You can send a text e-mail or use the html style, giving the message a unique look. If you want to send a new e-mail using Webmail or an e-mail program, activate your e-mail account. Activating the account will launch the mailbox and ensure its uninterrupted operation. Read more on how to activate your e-mail account.

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How to send new mail?

How do you enable the default HTML style in a new message?

  1. Go to: and log in to your e-mail inbox.
  2. Go to the profile menu and then select Settings.
    Webmail - Profile - Select Settings
  3. Go to Mail > Compose > Format email as…
  4. Select one of the options. Depending on your selection, the message will be sent as: HTML, Plain text oraz HTML and plain text.
    Format email as HTML
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